Real Time Pricing with Ecommerce

has arrived...

With years of experience in the retail industry through our own stores, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the ultimate smart point of sales system. We’re not quite ready for the full reveal, so sign up to our waiting list if your business needs some of these core features…

We've put 20 years of experience, into one custom tailored POS experience.


E-Commerce Integration

Manage your in-store inventory, online in real time. When something sells online, you’re notified and can pull it off the shelf to ship.

Price Management

Adjust your goal margins, then simply scan an item in to see its value based on various sources directly into your inventory.

Multiple Locations

Communicate effortlessly between multiple store locations with remote-orders and e-commerce integrations.

Real time pricing recommendations.

Scan It. Forget it.

Manage any type of transaction, in one place.

Buy, Trade & REfunds.

Finally go online, anywhere.

Any platforms, together.

How does tradepost POS work?

Common questions.

Tradepost POS is on the cloud, and web based. You simply pull up a browser such as google chrome and visit your unique URL with username and password.

Tradepost POS uses multiple data sources that you’re familiar with such as price charting, discogs, amazon, ebay, and our own collective data from our retail locations & more. We then run it through your required pricing margins and shoot out the best possible price the moment you scan the item in.

Absolutely. The moment you add an item into inventory, if enabled will automatically import the item and its details directly to your e-commerce platform. Its description and item details will also auto-populate based on existing data about that item so you don’t need to micromanage between Ecommerce and In-store. Once an item sells online, its pulled from your stock in stock, and you simply pull it off the shelf and prepare it for shipping.

While any item can be used on the Tradepost POS, we specialize in Music, Movies, Games, and some Collectibles. With over 4 million items cataloged across various categories, the list will continue to grow.

Tradepost POS is web based, so any computer with access to windows 10 or greater that runs the most recent version of chrome web browser. You’ll also need a scanner, and label printer. We will have a list of recommend printers and scanners soon!

Tradepost POS uses a SKU system, based on the original UPC of an item. This is especially useful when it comes to used inventory. With that individual sku you can track the entire life of an item from shelf, to customer, even through refunds, and price changes/updates creating stronger more reliable data as well protecting your assets through theft prevention methods. 

The current base pricing is a monthly, no-contract fee of $400 per month to get started with instant price tracking and updates, ecommerce integration, inventory lifecycle tracking & more.

If for some reason our catalog doesnt already have a reference to your item, we use a method called Deep Search, that takes the item you’re looking for and searches the internet for it. Once its found on the web you can directly import it to your inventory and even updating the catalog with it making the catalog more robust.

Tradepost POS will pull various data from your sold items, as well anonymous data from other sellers to create insights and recommendations on whats popular, up for pre-order, or underselling to help you manage and make better business decisions on the fly.

Since Tradepost POS is web based, it shares information between all of your locations so that they can communicate together. If an item in your store exists in another, you can quickly setup remote orders for item pickups at other locations, or even remote order them for shipping for non-pick up items.

Stop worrying about the right price for your inventory, and managing e-commerce.

Let Tradepost POS handle it.

I'm ready for an automated POS experience.